About Counseling

Counseling is a process that is unique to each individual client. The single most important factor in counseling is you. You will determine the direction, length, and purpose of your therapy. Some clients come to therapy because they want to work on a particular issue. Some come because they find that therapy is an excellent tool for self-care, not much different from getting a massage or going for a walk. It all depends on you and what you’re looking for; I am here to support you in your goals. I use many different theoretical approaches in counseling, but tend to focus most on those rooted in mindfulness, the mind-body connection, and feminism.

Many of my clients are:

  • People who suffer from post-traumatic stress, including service members and victims of rape and other crimes

  • Folks who experience panic and anxiety

  • People struggling with gender role strain, gender identity, and/or sexuality issues

  • People struggling with oppression/activist fatigue

  • Individuals who want to improve their self-esteem

  • People struggling with body image issues

  • People who are unsatisfied with their careers

I have helped clients achieve:

  • Relief from post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and panic

  • Improved confidence and self-concept

  • Better boundaries with loved ones, friends, and co-workers

  • Better work-life balance

  • Improved ability to communicate needs and wants

  • Career changes

  • A sense of empowerment in the face of systemic oppression

  • Successful return to the dating world after the end of a relationship

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