Trauma-Sensitive Yoga with Monique

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TSY) is a form of yoga that is specifically designed to be helpful to folks who have experienced trauma. Many trauma survivors who find traditional yoga a bit too intense or triggering are able to experience all of yoga's benefits with TSY.

How does TSY work?

TSY is focused on creating a calm, predictable environment where you can do as much or as little as you want to. Options are given for every level from beginner upward. In TSY, the emphasis is on reconnecting with your body in a way that is comfortable for you. You can go at your own pace and control your own experience. There are no hands-on assists by the instructor, and the instructor does not "push" you to do anything you don't feel like doing. 

My Qualifications

I have been a certified yoga teacher since 2009. In 2012, I completed a 40-hour certification in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Instruction with David Emerson, E-RYT, and Bessel van der Kolk, MD, of the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute. I have been teaching TSY to individuals and groups ever since, and I continue to be amazed by the benefits TSY can offer to trauma survivors.

Upcoming TSY Offerings

Please check back soon.

Have questions about TSY?

Call me at 845 559-7153 or email me at I am happy to answer any questions you have and am eager to help you learn more about TSY. 

Please be advised that yoga is not within the scope of practice of mental health counseling in New York State. I am a certified yoga teacher providing yoga services under the auspices of my yoga instructor education and certification, which is entirely independent of and unrelated to my mental health counseling license.

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